July 10, 2019 1:00 pm

Ready for some Way Out Wednesday fun!? Ashley has a summer of fun planned for First Methodist kids grades 3-5 (finished).

This Wednesday is day at the Bluff/Feaster Trail exploration. If you have not signed a permission slip, please see Ashley. This will only need to be filled out once.

June 24: Afternoon at the movies.  This will cost $5.25 per child for their ticket plus whatever snack money is sent.

June 31: Mid- America Museum (1-5pm-ish).  Admission is roughly $8 per child, we will also be stopping for a snack, so the kids need about $15 to be safe.

With anything that costs money, there will be envelopes with the kids names on them and a bag for it to go in so they don’t lose it by accident.

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