Together, we do remarkable ministry around the community. We care for children and youth; we invest, long term, in missions; we implement the most effective solutions to food insecurities; we equip the next generation to lead the church and society. In all of this, we share the good news of Jesus Christ. Giving makes sure we are being faithful to the call that God has put on our lives.



The Story of the Extra Dollar

I’m reminded of a story a pastor friend of mine shared. It was about a Arkansas grandfather and his UMC. When he passed the offering without putting anything in his granddaughter embarrassed him by whispering in his ear “Grandfather, you didn’t put anything in!” He responded, “It’s okay. I’ve already given.” In fact, he was a generous and faithful giver. He gave twice a year. However, he could not put his granddaughter’s words out of his mind. What if others thought he never gave? Yet, if he put in a dollar or two every week others might think he was stingy. After brainstorming with his pastor, the grandfather decided to give an extra dollar every week. His pastor encouraged all people of all ages to do the same. “

Friends, I invite you to join me in doing the same thing. Young and old alike can give an “extra dollar” above their normal giving. Whether we give once a year, once a month or once a week we can all experience the joy of giving. The expectancy of planting a seed in God’s future provision by giving an extra dollar. My wife, Laura, used to put our check in the plate twice a month. Now I and many others put an extra dollar in the plate each time we worship. It feels so good. So now you know why I ask the ushers to come forward to gather “God’s tithe, our offerings, and our extra dollars.” Please join us in planting this little extra seed. Encourage your children to do the same. Together let’s watch for the great blessings God brings through the extra seed “dollars” we plant in his field.